SWEETLY® represents a completely new approach to sugar replacement, centred around an entirely plant-based sweetener. It is as an innovative blend of non-nutritive sweeteners and flavouring for a delicious, sweet taste and golden colour. SWEETLY simply tastes, looks and behaves exactly like sugar! SWEETLY is centred around sugarless, healthy nutrition and offers a wider, expanding range of outstanding and delicious, wellness and health-focused products.Learn more at www.sweetly.co.za

SWEETLY™ Sugar Substitute is the delicious, sweet choice for any customer looking for a FAR healthier alternative to traditional refined sugar!Apart from the fact that is completely Xylitol-FREE, it has NO chemicals, NO horrible, cooling or bitter aftertaste and is recommended to all consumers who want to reduce their sugar/kilojoule intake without compromising on delicious, sweet flavour. SWEETLY™ Sugar Substitute is a brilliant alternative for anyone wanting to move away from ordinary sugar but who also wants to avoid several of the traditional shortcomings of other sugar replacements.

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