Monroe Brands is the exclusive supplier of NOMU in the UK.

Created in Cape Town in December 2000, NOMU is a trend and innovation-leading, South African, food and lifestyle brand, producing a wide (and still growing) range of food products.

Designed to offer anyone and everyone the idea of ‘Gourmet, every day,’ NOMU inspires creative kitchens anywhere in the world, making incredible flavours easily accessible to prepare, and using only the very finest quality ingredients. The emphasis is on creating consistently amazing flavor experiences, for the expert to the absolute novice.

NOMU believes that healthy eating should never have to sacrifice great flavour, in every bite. To achieve this, NOMU products are developed using only the highest quality ingredients, actively avoiding the use of artificial ingredients or flavours wherever possible.

If you notice the Rainforest Alliance certification seal on all NOMU products that use cocoa, this mark represents the next global step in sustainable, ethical and environmentally sound cocoa farming.

NOMU is enormously proud of this association and considers it just one, of many critical parts of their commitment to always improving and enhancing their products and services.

Please visit the official NOMU website to learn more about NOMU’s unique story and culture, their wide range of products and expanded services – (All copy is trademark of NOMU Brands (Pty.) Ltd.)