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I’m honestly loving it. Every night. Addicted to NOMU hot chocolate!!!!

I’ve been a big fan of NOMU Skinny Hot Chocolate for a couple of years now. It provides an authentic chocolatey taste without being high in fat or sugar. I’ve found that a lot of the other ‘low sugar’ drinking powders taste quite synthetic or are far too sweet, but not NOMU. I originally thought that it was quite expensive but then realised that with only using one teaspoon per cup, it goes a long way.

I love the NOMU Skinny Hot Chocolate because of the no added sugar, low calories and great 60% cocoa taste. I make it using only water and changed to it from other brands of hot chocolate during my 4 stone weight loss.

Nomu feels light in your mouth and very chocolatey with none of the artificial tastes you get with some other chocolate drinks. It is a delicious chocolatey guilt free treat, second helpings are almost compulsory!